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Child Liberation Theology

Toward a Child Liberation Theology

The End of Child Liberation Theology

God Is Child: The Child-Centric Christology of Janet Pais

The Power of Adults Over Children: Oppressive or Liberative?

Desiderius Erasmus and the Child’s Right to Education

Corporal Punishment as Religious Colonialism

The Message of Non-Violence is First and Foremost a Message to the Powerful


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This Is How the World Ends: On Jack Crabtree And The End of America

Part One: Patience in Well-Doing

Part Two: Jack Crabtree’s Vision of the American Beast

Part Three: The Sky Is Falling (Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife)

Part Four: Angelo Codevilla and the Neoconservative Fantasy

Part Five: There Is No “I” in Team America

Part Six: You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Part Seven: (coming soon)

Part Eight: (coming soon)



Where’s the Great Conversation, Gutenberg?

“I Am Bisexual”: A Gutenberg College Alumni Perspective

The Evolution of Jack Crabtree on “Homosexuality”

On the Equalization of Sin


#GutenbergSex Live-Tweets: Part One

#GutenbergSex Live-Tweets: Part Two

#GutenbergSex Live-Tweets: Part Three

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