Child Liberation Theology

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The End of Child Liberation Theology

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Miriam, Child Prophet

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On Cindy Wang Brandt’s Unfundamentalist Parenting site:

Tearing the Robe Twice: Christian Parenting and the Rape of Tamar

Reading Violent Bible Stories Through a Child Protection Lens

The Lot of the Abused: How We Shift the Blame Onto Victims

The Little Girl Who Saved the Mighty Man

Bearing Down on Them: What Parents Can Learn from Elisha and the 42 Boys

Children, Disobey Your Parents in the Lord, For This is Right

A Little Child Will Lead Them: Child Protection and the Kingdom of God

Child Protection Is For All God’s Children

Children as Theological Concern and Hermeneutic

We Live in an Anti-Child World

Revisiting Adam and Eve

Jesus as Child

Children Are Not Angels

Give Children Space to be Conscientious Objectors

Understanding Children’s Existential Struggles

It’s Time to Speak Out Against Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment is Violence. And Violence Against Children is Abuse.

Parenting Without Spanking

On Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out:

How We Marginalize Abuse Survivors: The Spirit of Ham

How We Marginalize Abuse Survivors: “All Have Sinned”

How We Marginalize Abuse Survivors: Valuing Forgiveness Over Protection

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Troy Cady, “Child Theology as a Midrashic Process”

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Craig L. Nessan, “Attending to the Cries of Children in Liberation Theologies,” Child Theology 

Rohan Nelson, “Suffer The Children: A Review Article”

Katherine HawkerSelf, “About the Little Girl”

Kholofelo C. Motha, Matthews M. Makgamatha, and Sharlene Swartz, “Towards emancipatory research methodologies with children in the African context: Practical possibilities and overcoming challenges”

The Faithful Feminists Podcast, “Star Wars and Stewardship”

By others:

Janet Pais, “Suffer the Children: A Theology of Liberation by a Victim of Child Abuse”

Daryl W. Edwards, “Black Child Liberation Theology: A Contemporary Christian Model for Mentoring Black Boys and Girls”

Selina Palm, “Seen But Not Heard? Engaging the Mechanisms of Faith to End Violence Against Children,” Childhood Vulnerabilities in South Africa: Some Ethical Perspectives

Douglas Sturm, “On the Suffering and Rights of Children: Toward a Theology of Childhood Liberation”

Kimberly Ann Shinabery, “Blessed are the children: a liberation theology for abused and neglected children”

Rebecca Stevens-Walter, “God of the Oppressed Child”

Rebecca Stevens-Walter, “This is My Body”

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Samantha Field, “Child Liberation Theology”

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