Watch My Talk on Child Liberation Theology!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking about child liberation theology with CFCtoo, a survivor advocacy organization for survivors of abuse from Christian Fellowship Center (CFC) in Northern New York. During the talk, I gave an overview of child liberation theology and what inspired me to be interested in this field, I explored what it means to approach God and the Bible with child liberation as a lens, I touched on how child liberation theology relates to issues like child development and children’s political and social rights, and then I concluded with some thoughts about everyday changes we can make in our lives to better protect and empower children.

As the event was virtual, it was recorded. So if you were not able to make it to the event, but want to watch the recording, you can do so below:

If you would like to learn more about child liberation theology, pre-order my upcoming book on the topic, The Kingdom of Children!

Published by R.L. Stollar

R.L. Stollar is a child liberation theologian and an advocate for children and abuse survivors. The author of an upcoming book on child liberation theology, The Kingdom of Children, Ryan has an M.H.S. in Child Protection from Nova Southeastern University and an M.A. in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College.

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