How Homeschooling Radicalized My Family and Friends

Join me on Zoom on March 20 at Veradale United Church of Christ for a talk on how homeschooling radicalized my family and friends—and what I do today to counter that through child advocacy and child liberation theology.

For Lent, Veradale is devoting its attention to the important and pressing issues of extremism and deradicalization with their “How Shall We Communicate with the Religious Right?” series. I am honored they asked me to share about my experiences with the homeschooling movement.

Veradale’s church service starts at 10:30 am Pacific; my presentation will begin around 11. Veradale is an open and affirming church in Spokane Valley, Washington pastored by Rev. Gen Heywood.

For more information, follow Veradale’s Facebook page at and visit their website at Also check out this presentation by my friend Naomi Hanvey on how Christian education creates extremists.

Published by R.L. Stollar

R.L. Stollar is a child liberation theologian and an advocate for children and abuse survivors. The author of an upcoming book on child liberation theology, The Kingdom of Children, Ryan has an M.H.S. in Child Protection from Nova Southeastern University and an M.A. in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College.

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