Statement by Former TLS Member Jason

The following is the written testimony of Jason, a childhood abuse survivor and former member of David Hayward/Naked Pastor’s online community, The Lasting Supper. This statement is an addendum to  A Statement Concerning Naked Pastor David Hayward and The Lasting Supper.

David Hayward silenced us and smeared us. He kicked us to the curb and never tried to listen to us. He assured us it was a safe space and left us hanging out to dry while people mercilessly attacked us. He created a group where it’s okay to have a bit of racism and homophobia. Where a “prophetess” who was inhabited by an alien pearl told the group she would bring about the the end of the world and was sharing her story to gain new followers. Where members were getting unwelcome private sexual advances from other members. And he was okay with all of it.

Intentional or not Hayward’s group is unsafe even if most of the group are wonderful individuals. Like the sheepdog in this picture, he refuses to protect the vulnerable members of his group.

We have tried to engage David privately and he refused to listen. We tried to engage publicly and he deletes and blocks, calling us abusers. There is no path to resolve any disagreements with David himself. He repeatedly puts out passive-aggressive and gaslighting cartoons. David portrays himself as a voice for the oppressed and advertising to join his community for $7 a month all the while making digs at those he has marginalized.

The majority of the members are good people but his lack of guidance and guidelines and insistence of David privately resolving conflicts ensures that there will be more harm done if he doesn’t wake up to the damage he is causing.