Statement by Former TLS Member Danica

The following is the written testimony of Danica, a former member of David Hayward/Naked Pastor’s online community, The Lasting Supper. This statement is an addendum to A Statement Concerning Naked Pastor David Hayward and The Lasting Supper.

1. David Hayward lied about blocking people. He said he did not block people but in fact blocked many.

2. David Hayward supported a delusional self proclaimed prophet who was actively recruiting within TLS (I have screen shots) saying she deserved a place and a voice in the group, which meant he was ok with her recruiting people to develop and see a her “new gospel”.

3. The consensus of the TLS group was that it is acceptable for any person to be in the group, regardless of their ideology, even Mark Driscoll, Tony Jones or Bill Gothard.

4. David Hayward supported a man who started a sexist thread and then left threatening voice messages in several women’s inboxes. David defended this man even when faced with the evidence of what he had done, rather than defending the women who were violated.

5. David Hayward often lies or changes the truth based on how he needs it to be. For example, he said in one place that he would never close comments on his blog, but later did close comments when someone started talking about things within TLS. He told me personally in the same conversation, first that he had not talked with the prophet about her involvement, then 30 minutes later said that he had. I have screen shots of all of this as well.

6. David Hayward defended a man who said that “gay sex is gross”. When a queer man within the group went to Hayward and told him that made him feel deeply uncomfortable, Hayward chose to elevate the homophobic remarks over the marginalized man. Don’t forget this is the same man who published a book of coming out stories and who has written many cartoons supporting LGBTQ individuals.

7. David Hayward called TLS his business, but also said he doesn’t make much at all from it, only $1200 / month, which he calls a small sum of money. He has taken two vacations in three (four?) months, and the day he leaves on the most recent one, posts about tithing.

8. David Hayward allows TLS to have a “Lord of the Flies ” type vibe, promoted by his “help yourself” stated purpose. Everyone is out for themselves, and things like a Fuck Thread about one member, where all the other members pile on, is allowed. Speak up for the weaker members members the group when the whole is against them, and expect to be piled on as well. I saw this happen, during the short time I was there, in four different instances.

9. David Hayward talks about how he is the victim and is so hurt by what I and others are saying, but he never once approached me to hear my side of the story. As the leader he should have. I approached him. He did not want to reconcile, unless I did it on his terms, which meant to not expect him to listen to or attempt to understand any of my experiences, but only for me to listen to and understand his. This hurt deeply because from his cartoons and advocacy work, I expected him to have a listening heart. It was instead all about him.

I could go on.

I have proof of all of this, but am deeply uncomfortable with posting screen shots, etc, due to the confidential nature of the TLS group.

In short, what David Hayward says and what David Hayward does are two very separate things.