2016 Presidential Candidate Project: Non-Profit Ratings, IJM

How IJM created ratings: According to their website, IJM calculated each Member of Congress’ score by looking at their record over the last four years and using a point system to rank them in three tiers: Champion, Leader or Supporter. Members without a ranking have not yet taken action on trafficking and slavery issues. IJM scores every Member of Congress on opportunities they all share, such as voting on a specific bill related to human trafficking. A Member can gain additional points for taking individual initiative—like writing a Dear Colleague letter, sending a relevant press release or making an important speech—that advances the anti-slavery movement. The full results of IJM’s ratings can be found here.


Ted Cruz

Ratings from IJM:

Activities on bills and appropriations: 1

  1. SAmdt21S47SV113(V)

Ratings level: No Ranking

Marco Rubio

Ratings from IJM:

Activities on bills and appropriations: 7

  1. S2234-112(CO)

2. S1301-112(CO)


4. S. 744(CO)

5. S. 1823(S)

6. S. 1738(CO)

7. S.553(CO)

Ratings level: Champion

Bernie Sanders

Ratings from IJM:

Activities on bills and appropriations: 7

  1. S987-111(CO)

2. S2982-111(CO)

3. S2139-112(CO)

4. S1301-112(CO)

5. SAmdt21S47SV113(V)

6. S1249-113(CO)

7. S. 1249(CO)

Rankings level: Champion

Candidates this metric does not apply to

Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

Chris Christie

Hillary Clinton

Carly Fiorina

John Kasich

Donald Trump


Marco Rubio: Champion

Bernie Sanders: Champion

Ted Cruz: No Ranking

Highest performer(s) of metric: Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders

Lowest performer(s) of metric: Ted Cruz