“The Kingdom of Children” is Officially Published!

“If you are a religious leader, reading ‘The Kingdom of Children’ is as important as anything else you read for your professional development, whether or not you work with children.”

~Child liberation theologian Rebecca Stevens-Walter

I’ve been working on my book on child liberation theology, “The Kingdom of Children,” since 2015—almost a decade ago now. I began with writing bits and pieces for it on my personal blog and Cindy Wang Brandt‘s Patheos blog, Unfundamentalist Parenting. It slowly but steadily expanded into a 300-page book with over 60 pages of footnotes. As of yesterday, November 14, it is officially published!

Feedback and reviews have been greatly encouraging so far. The book spent yesterday as the #1 new release on Amazon under multiple categories, including Children’s Ministry, Christian Liberation Theology, Children’s Social Sciences, and Philosophy of Education. Reviews describe the book as “substantive, accessible, and compelling,” “prophetic” and “urgent,” “compassionate, profound, provocative, and sometimes astonishing,” and “inviting, challenging, and groundbreaking.” I am grateful for how much the book is connecting with others.

It is surreal for “The Kingdom of Children” to be real and in the world. To be honest, I had basically given up on the book as of just a couple years ago. I had writer’s block for several years and couldn’t finish. But Chrissy Stroop and Bradley Onishi were so kind in encouraging me to keep writing. And Brad connected me with a fantastic book agent, David Morris. I also had a stellar advocate in my acquisitions editor at Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Trevor Thompson. Everyone’s support and encouragement meant the world and it gave me the resolve and energy I needed to finish.

I am so glad that “The Kingdom of Children” gets to venture out into the world. I hope and pray with all my heart that it makes a difference in the lives of children. Children’s rights are human rights and we all benefit from a society and world that respects the rights of children.

If you are interested in ordering “The Kingdom of Children,” you can do so here.

If you have already ordered it, I would love for you to review it on Amazon or Goodreads!

Finally, I had the pleasure yesterday of appearing of R. Scott Okamoto‘s podcast, Chapel Probation. We discussed child liberation theology, homeschooling, and my new book! You can listen to it here.

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